The best place in the world, full of history, culture, flavor, mariachi and tequila for your destination wedding & honeymoon is Mexico.

It is always important that you and your beloved choose the destination together, if you  are very traditional couple, we recommend places in Mexico that suit your style and the type of activities  would like to do for your destination  wedding and later on in your honeymoon.

Mexico adapts to any style and requirement that as a couple could have, from traditional colonial cities and magical towns to those beach destinations that are a true natural paradise.

Following, I share some important points that you should consider when planning your destination wedding and honeymoon in Mexico.


Schedule with time both, your destination wedding and honeymoon, avoiding coinciding with high seasons so that venues are  available by date, there is availability on the date you want to celebrate and also, avoid the oversaturated places if what are looking for is a quiet intimate celebration and relaxed


Remember that you leave your place of origin to celebrate your destination wedding and then your honeymoon (if, you do not postpone it) but, for the rest of the other people, life continues in a normal way, so it is important to cover payments or to carry out activities that could be crossed on the dates when they will not be available to attend them, such as: credit card and services payments, hotel for your pet or leave it with someone you trust, parking pension, rental of houses etc.


To hire the services of a Wedding Planner that will help you long distance to planning your wedding destination and even with your honeymoon is highly recommended; When you hire him/her, ask if  provides the organizing service for the honeymoon in Mexico, many of them provide the service that is known as Hospitality and if not, do not worry, there are professionals from the Honeymoons sector that  you can find in travel agencies for example, it is qualified people who know the destinations and they will take care of everything like transport, hotels, food, tour etc.


Always try to do it, do not exhaust the days before the celebration of your destination wedding that already by itself, ar3 tired because of the stress that generates and for the honeymoon, advisable is to realize a tour of two days in a tour and the third day dedicate it to rest, with this you will avoid being overwhelmed the rest of the days.

Try to use the cell phone just for the indispensable.

We wish you the best of the destination weddings dreamed in Mexico as well as a wonderful honeymoon in our Country … Romary Eventos

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