The Mayan Wedding or Kaa’m Niteh Maya, is one of the oldest traditions of Mayan culture.

This is actually not symbolic but a ceremony of character and religious value as it comes from one of the oldest cultures.

The Mayan Wedding is based on the blessing of the couple and delivery of offerings or gifts that are awarded during their ceremony through Bacabes that symbolize the 4 directions and believed by the Maya, held the world.

Mayan Offerings Altar  (Image Tu Boda Maya®)

The ceremonies as well as the historical structures and vestiges, since the Mayan also recorded part of their knowledge in these, therefore every time they are celebrated we can in each movement read its history, reason why they are carried out solely and exclusively by Their X’men or J’men Mayas.

During their celebration, the couple walk inside a circle symbolizing their spiritual journey, opening a new cycle to live, flowing energy. Each movement within this circle symbolizes an astrological and numerical map, forming many figures during its celebration, which is why they are characterized by standing and short duration.

The reason that these ceremonies are performed standing is based on the connection between the two worlds the spiritual and the physical, being we the center of these 2 worlds of which we are part.

Permission touch asking for Maya Wedding Ceremony (imagen: Your Maya Wedding ®)

That is why it is very important to take care of every aspect of it so that our brothers who visit us in search of this culture take part of our essence and history, making our inherited knowledge endure… Tu Boda Maya Team.


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