As we told you a few months ago, in CDMX there was organized a competition for women to women, La Gran Carrera de Novias (The Great Bridall Race), in which thousands of women runners competed, not only to obtain a meda or the first place, but to make their dream come true, get the prize of a wedding of almost a million pesos.

Alejandra Martinez, the lucky and speedy winner, showed her preparation and in less than 20 minutes, crossed the 5 kilometers and thus be the absolute winner of a dream of many women and, WedinMexico team were there, we witnessed their happiness and enthusiasm.


The Great Wedding was held at the Los Alamares Garden in Mexico State and, from the entrance we could see that it would be a fantastic wedding and full of details, with a style of Vintage decor, handling a combination of vivid colors in shades of pink, green and gray, joined with  the venue’s amazing nature.

It was created an incredible atmosphere including always, the details that identify every wedding in Mexico and, in this case was not exception, large baskets  sorrounded the aisle as well , the banquet decor,  in combination of three types of “disheveled” centerpieces  with wonderful and colorful flowers of our country ended, adding the perfect touch to this bond of love.

The bride and groom arrived at about one o’clock in the afternoon, to start an emotional religious ceremony, where the families of the future husbands were waiting for them. Another detail that I emphasized were the bridesmaids who wore a fuchsia dress, the color that identifies Mexico.


At the end of the ceremony, around 14 hrs, a cocktail took place in which very Mexican snacks were prepared as mini corn prepared, cebiche, and mini rolls of chilorio, served in a small molcajete with guacamole, accompanied with drinks of different flavors like lavender, coconut with strawberry and to freshen up more on that summer afternoon you could not miss the traditional snows with a very Mexican touch, with chamoy!




The wedding banquet consisted of three-strokes, delighting the guests with a citrus salad, coriander capuccino, lemon breast and as dessert a strawberries with berries turret.



Moments of an intimate and romantic atmosphere we live when the saxophone during the banquet sounded softening the environment…


To proceed to the traditional cut of the cake with a completely modern design and hand painted,


Taking this to the moment that all we wait after a marriage bond, the dance , Opening a clear track, the brand new newlyweds with the chosen song they chose for their first wedding dance, Zoe’s “Arrullo de Estrellas”.



WedinMexico thanks Valentina Corro Gafeli Event Planner and Gabriela Ovideo of Abby Brides & Co. for allowing us to participate in a beautiful work such as fulfilling the dream of a bride to have a Dream Big Wedding.



See you in the third bridal race next year and see a dream come true over the wedding … WedinMexico Team.