As in previous days we talked that WedinMexico was honoured as a guest at Zankyou Experience Mexico and we were there!



In a partnership environment, we share with the most professional and recognized wedding suppliers in Mexico.

The night dressed in elegance and magic during the Ziwa Awards cocktail, the attendees gathered at the Indianillas Cultural Center at the CDMX, an old tramway workshop in the city that, had been operating since 1880 and, over time, when this type of transportation fell into disuse, in 2006 turned into a Cultural and Events Center to which modernity and style reached it.



Escenia Mexico was responsible to welcome the guests with a true unforgettable experience of the time from the French Court, full of elegance and color. Huge dresses and wigs filled with joy the event between dances and masks from the XVII Century.


Catamundi was responsible for the professional cocktail catering par excellence in Mexico through an unconcerned passion for what they do, cause guests to venture and achieve a memorable experience.

Barcardi Platinum Collection served the cocktails and, wonderful and ultramodern stations with salty and sweet snacks were placed.



As could not  be missed a wedding-related event, bridal gowns and fashion were presented in a wonderful way by Davids Bridal Mexico.



And perhaps, one of the most awaited moment of all day, the Ziwa award came! WedinMexico congratulates each of the winners acknowledging their great work within the industry.



During the day the meeting was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Polanco, CDMX and masterfully were exposed by those great professionals, sharing interesting topics such as:

How to Take an Event to Success and not Die Trying  by Amanda Puente, Sommelier, we did a tour about everything related to the menu, label, protocol, protocols, fashion at the table, and service personnel at a wedding and, talk about one of her special services, to elaborate the bride and groom’s drink, according to their personalities and tastes, something that in many cases remains at the end as “the family drink.”

With La Europea on Mixology Trends in Weddings conference, we checked out the most sought-after station / bars that are the conformed specially by Gins and Mezcal also, enjoyed the drink positioned in the first places in the United States and now, it is in trend in Mexico, with that one of the tastiest Mexican traditional flavors to rice and cinnamon, the Horcharta! that gives life to Chata Rum. A delicious cream that will truly become the favourite of your guests.



Campofrío joined to La Europea to talk about deli-meats and meats stations, those special, basic and unforgettable wedding stations, too trendy in this time and for 2018 year, delighting the public with all international flavours and cannot be missed the Mexican taste in some ones.



Local Trendy Furniture & Deco Rental told us about the Decoration Trends at the Wedding for 2018, and notice, the decoration called Industrial, where the wood plays the main roll will be the most in and let’s forget about that vintage style, the cages for birds and the huacales wooden boxes)!

The Best Saved Secret, by Grisell Neumann Event & Wedding Planner, one of the most expected, talked about how a Wedding Planner charges? Enriched the talk with her experience and tips in such a way that in fact the price charged by the event organizers is fair and professional. In addition, provided a financial exercise to detected in a simple way, if what the event organizer charges in each planning is the right thing or is below the point of balance.



The Technology Use in the general world by Alejandro Fuentes, Marketing Manager LATAM MSN is today the best ally in any professional field.

With María Fernanda Jaramillo and her workshop, Wedding Planners received tips on How to Handle Stress Before and After the Event.

Lucero Alvarez shared with the participants How to Make a Successful Business Plan.

We are grateful to have been invited to this first Zankyou Experience Mexico and we congratulate you on boosting and supporting the wedding industry in our country, see you next year!

Photos: courtesy Zankyou Weddings, visit
Photography: Sebastian Anaya