Why do the Bride and Groom drink Balché at the end of their Mayan Wedding ceremony?

There is no doubt that one of the most important and basic elements of the Mayan Wedding ceremony is its toast with the sacred Mayan drink called Balché and it, in ancient times  was considered as the drink of the gods, which was only tasted by the kings and high social class, in the most exclusive ceremonies directed by their priests.



The reason derives from its legend that says that, the tree from which this drink is  produced was the first one that the Mayan gods sowed in the earth, thus becoming the sacred tree and, to which are attributed benefits for purification and cleanliness of the body.




As well as, it was used by the priests as liquor method to enter to a state of ecstasy and, to communicate with their gods, reason why, when finishing a ceremony and it this liquor is taken, is the symbol of the communion with the gods and, a way to show respect.

It is considered a luxury that the couple toast and taste this drink at the end of the ceremony their Mayan Wedding, thanking the blessings that translates into abundance and eternal happiness for their marriage.

The elaboration process of this millenary drink takes about two months in an artisan way, besides being a high-cost beverage, but, very indispensable, without it the ceremony would not have the religious value.

It must be prepared by the priest who will carry out the ceremony, who blesses it before the couple and those who share it drink it.

It is certainly part of the magical experience of not having to stop living in your Mayan Wedding besides that, its flavor will leave them full of charm…    X’men Maya Ixchel Priest.


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