Mexico,  “Yes, I DO!”

When couples decide to get married, many questions and thoughts appear at their minds such as: “When ?, Who am I going to invite? My dress !, My Bridemaids !, The  wedding venue !, Where am I going to get married?

This last question proves to be a challenge for the couple as the decision goes from whether it is garden, lounge, hacienda, terrace, or even the beach. And, this becomes a bit more complicated when you want to hold a destination wedding, that is, that this great day has as scenery an attractive tourist destination.

If you keep wondering where is the best venue to get married, as an expert I can tell you that for each couple there is an ideal property and, these are different, according to their personality,  wedding style desired, season and above all, the idea you have of your dreamed wedding.

Of the most popular destinations in Mexico we find: Riviera Maya (with 70 percent preference), followed by Los Cabos, San Miguel de Allende and Puerto Vallarta.

Annually, in North America and Europe millions of couples get marry, a quarter of them which they choose to do somewhere outside their place of origin, preferably on the beach.

It seems that not only technology has developed, for love there are no borders and it is increasingly common to find destination weddings, where the main feature is that the couple does not live in that place and, want to get married in a country with as much cultural richness as it is ours, Mexico !, currently the destination number one for the destination wedding industry, making weddings moments full of color and originality, adding our particulary taste.

In Mexico, there are about 111 Magic and Charming Towns, each one with ideal scenarios to say  “Yes, I Do” and such is the case of Montse and Eloi, a destination wedding that I planned and I am going to talk about it following:

They are a  Franco-Mexican couple, decided to get married in Mexico in order that the family of Eloi live the Mexican experience  with its natural wealth, architecture, traditions and food.

They would select the destination that represented a part of Mexico, that was very rustic, cozy, in short: Magical. They found Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo state, where Santa Maria Regla Hacienda is located, a construction from the XVIII century.



Montse and Eloi, made an instant click  whenn visit this venue for the first time  to begin their story and decided to begin here  their story of being married.



The theme of this wedding was 100% Mexican, from the decoration of the property, bouquets, centerpieces, furniture, photobooths and even the little cute pages.



Within the hacienda, in Our Lady of Loreto Parish,  we saw the bridalmaids wear a Mexican green color in their dresses.



Montse’s wedding bouquet with Mexican vivid colors, pages dressed in traditional “huipiles” (typical Mexican clothes)”;  the ceremony was celebrated in Spanish and English; during the cocktail time was  100% Mexican serving traditional beer.



In the reception area, we find a photos back with a curtain of colors with articles too much Mexican such as, Charro hats, mustaches, sarapes (Mexican traditional blankets), flowers, necklaces for a photo typically set.

To sweeten their stay in Mexico, the  desserts station had traditional Mexican sweets such as tamarinds, chicharrones, peanuts, palanquetas, cocadas, wafers. A traditional banquet dish was served, Chiles en Nogada  (chiles covered with a walnut cream) and  corn cake.



We can not leave aside, the centerpieces with flowers very colorful and assigned not with a number, but with a figure of the typical Loteria (Lottery) game at Mexican table game in the towns fairs.





This couple, knew to take advantage of their stay in Mexico and of the selectioned venue and achieved to take their guests, to a trip through Mexico, its culture, flavors, traditions and music.

Mexico is a witness of souls unions, Viva Mexico in the world! And be the witness your destination wedding, we wait for you… Valentina Corro.

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Article and photos courtesy from Valentina Corro - Event Planner
Photos by Cineluk