Although November in Mexico is a month that is designed to honor our loved ones who have left this world, in the Mayan culture, there is no reason not to celebrate a fabulous Mayan Wedding.

We can enjoy delicacies that in other months not like the Famous Mayan Pib, cocoa drinks and, fresh fruits that you can add to your gourmet-style banquet as a great repertoire, that if you remember to offer a portion of all your delicacies to your loved ones that have gone, on an altar, before serving the banquet so, they can enjoy it with candles to light their way.



The Pib or Mucbi-chicken dish, known as “the food of the animas”, is a traditional Mayan recipe that is based on the mass mixed with lard, special like tomato and stuffed of chicken baked to the wood which undoubtedly is an art in its preparation and an honor for those who prepare it.




Another of the foods that we can consume and enjoy the day of our MAYA WEDDING with the touch of Hanal Pixan are the typical Mayan pumpkin candy, Yuca sweet, Xek, Nance sweet that you can add to delight your guests with the variety of tastes that Yucatan and, their traditions have for you making that day very enjoyable, different and very traditional that along with the touch of the Maya snail in your wedding ceremony destination, will make a day UNFORGETTABLE…  Priest X’men Maya Ixchel




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