The Mexican style is very characteristic and recognized worldwide, it is a country with a rich culture, colourful and full of magic, it is very difficult to define concretely what is the identity of each country.

Speaking of the Mexican festivities, they are events that have been nurtured through time by a fusion of indigenous and Spanish traditions. Both cultures had, when they met, their own and deeply rooted visions of life and, therefore, their own rituals.




The truth is that all cultures have their rites and their symbols, and Mexico is a ritual town, rituals that take place in a religious ceremony can also be used in a wedding that is only civil, since each means something related to love.

If you are looking to celebrate your wedding in our country and integrate the Mexican theme, it would be important for you to look for a history of union that the ancestors talked about, and with that to give a greater meaning and meaning to your decision to choose the Mexican roots in the ceremony more important of your life. Impregnate romanticism through the ancestral rituals where eternity is breathed.




An example love story of indigenous roots, speaks of two lovers who knew each other since childhood and, who in adulthood went up every afternoon to the top of the mountain to bring flowers to Tonatiu, considered the sun father.

In each floral offering they swore eternal love beyond the distance, beyond time or beyond death.




The sun father saw his offering with good eyes, giving them wonderful and colourful sunsets. When the war came, they had to separate and after the time the woman receives the news of the death of her beloved, she climbs the mountain with a broken heart and pleading with tears to the sun father to unite her with his partner.

The supreme with all his compassion extended one of his rays and touched it turned into a flower with intense colors like the rays of the sun at sunset, his beloved, turned into a hummingbird, he arrives loving to kiss the flower that in turn opens in multiple petals giving an intense aroma celebrating their reunion. Thus, Cempoalxochilt flower was born.

As with this story, there are many more of Mexican indigenous roots, alluding to love and the union of couples through eternity.




Celebrate the magnificence of Mexico on that special day is possible. The fact of making a Mexican wedding, does not mean you miss elegance or topicality. On the contrary, you can combine as many elements as you wish to make the celebration as popular or elegant as you want.

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