If you are thinking to get married on December, take note, I will share some information & tips.

Winter colors, they have a wonderful range for the colors of the wedding that are very fashionable, from magenta, rosewood, navy blue, sky blue, gold, olive green.



So, locating if it is night or day will be another important point to decide their colors. The woods, the sails, in case of something wooded.


If you want something more sophisticated, you can think of white with gold or silver and you will have a great choice.


Of course it is important to consider to add Mexican special details in this season sucha as Nochebuena flowers! Will make look amazing your destination wedding!




Menu, it will be ideal to consider a bar of coffee and digestives for your destination wedding, it is the best way to get warm before the party goes off.




A gift that will be very useful, both for the event and to be remembered throughout the season is a pashmina. Look for colors that can easily combine, and they will thank you very much.




Consider save the date to your suppliers in advance, since this time has a lot of events for end of year parties, which is why if you do not hire with time they may be previously occupied.




December mood, this month is ideal for any celebration, and having a wedding becomes more special because people have this festive spirit to the surface, so your wedding will shine with joy.




We want this to inspire your creativity …


Photo source: Pinterest, Internet & Coffee image by  Momentos Wedding Studio