There is no doubt many brides have chosen to celebrate their Destination Mayan Wedding in the month of December.

Besides being a date with excellent weather, also represents a great savings for many couples, especially on dates close to the celebration of Christmas and, is that they can join two celebrations in one and find the best discounts in hotels for this great celebration that includes a pre-Christmas buffet for the wedding among other offers.

These savings are a great help when preparing for a destination wedding and why not? To receive the new year on your wedding day is an excellent and very romantic idea since it represents the beginning of a new cycle in the couple and what better to start it by giving the “Yes, I accept” the last night of the year, to open the next year with a spectacular party.

In the state of Yucatan no doubt, there are many ideal beaches to celebrate in this great way and receive your new year in front of the sea, observing the sunrise with your partner as a symbol of their commitment and that will be an unforgettable memory for both.

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