If you and your partner are among those who believe that you are full of energy during the equinoxes and solstices, but also, look for a romantic adventure, we tell you where you can receive it, fill with energy and at the same time have a fabulous vacation together.

Yucatan state is full of wonders and culture and, during the equinoxes and solstices we can see all this Mayan knowledge in a single magical event each year through, its temples and archaeological sites during the sunrise.


The solstices are fabulous and unique because they are events where the time of day and night … are the same and the energy during sunbathing when it leaves serves to charge us.

Many couples choose these special and unique dates to celebrate their union and / or spend the day strolling together and meditating with the sun on their way out, but where can we receive it? There are many places in Yucatan that we will detail below:


Nolo: a town where it is said that the owner was visited by beings from space and, gave him the coordinates to make a Chichen itza pyramid replica.

Hunucma: Keeps the Sihunchen’s ruins within an eco-archaeological park that receives the same name, surrounded by Mayan vestiges, cenote, pool and cabins, has an archaeological site with an exact reproduction Seven House Dolls where you can look exclusively at the solstice and, enjoy a romantic day with your partner.

Also, from the usual places like Dzibizaltun and Chichen Itza, Mayan cities where you can see the splendor of its Mayan remains during the solstice event.



Remember to wear white color clothes, to be filled with energy and, at the end we recommend you bathe in a cenote to purify yourself, which you can find near you and why not … enjoy the delicious Yucatan state gastronomy together with your beloved one.

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