The season of the year begins where the special aromas, the flavors and above all the love that is breathed, make it the most magical time and loved by all; If your wedding will be at this time, you can take it as inspiration.

Following I will share some ideas for the menu based on the most popular traditions and seasonings in Mexico for this season.

Bacalao: A typical codfish dish, originally from Veracruz state, which consists of cooking it with capers, almonds, olives, chili peppers and other ingredients, a good option could be as an appetizer to open your guests’ appetites, they will love it!

Turkey (Called in Mexico as Guajolote): Without a doubt, it is one of the most typical Christmas dishes in many parts of the world, but this one, with the Mexican flavor, for example, of chiles Pasilla; the way it looks more is to place it at the center of the table, however it would be more convenient to serve it to each guest.

Romeritos: A primordial Mexican cuisine dish this season, mainly in the center of the country.

 It is said to be the favourite for the Aztecs because its nutrients and, how easy it was to get them. The Romeritos in Mole are a mixture of ingredients such as, almonds, dried shrimp, nopales, potatoes and sesame, undoubtedly an excellent choice for your menu.

We must also contemplate the typical drinks for this season, some of them are:

Ponche: A hot drink prepared with tamarind, Piloncillo (sugar cane), guava, tejocote fruit, apple, prunes among others. It turns out to be extremely relaxing, if your wedding starts in the afternoon or evening, you can receive your guests with this delicious drink.

Champurrado: A delicious corn atole to which is added chocolate, brown sugar and water with a touch of vanilla, to finally boils to a little thick. Originally comes from the Aztecs.

As for desserts, we can mention some that are a tradition this season and that besides feeding the stomach, feed the heart of anyone who has the joy of taste the Mexican food.

Buñuelos (A kind of fritter): Traditional in the country, they are accompanied with different ingredients such as cottage cheese or anise, but mainly as they are used in Oaxaca, they are made with honey, piloncillo and cinnamon, the perfect combination is to accompany them with champurrado.

Christmas Apple Salad: Without a doubt, one of the most consumed desserts in these dates in the whole country, consists of chopped apple, raisins, pineapple in syrup, it is a very rich dessert and easy to prepare.

After having shared some of the most typical delicacies this season, I hope that you decide to add to your destination wedding menu in Mexico, some of these options, I assure you that your guests will be fascinated!!….


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