We are about to start a new year and therefore, I want to share with you the next energy & spiritual dates for 2018.

These dates are in which natural phenomena occur and, the stars or planets exert a greater force and energy, are those that we use to our benefit for a ceremony since, each star has its natural force as the sun and the moon and each planet as is the case of venus equal. Known as energetic, magical or spiritual dates.

Have them present even to consider them as a celebration of your Maya Wedding in Mexico.


May 04, May Day ix – It is the day to give thanks to sow to harvest

May 07 Fourth Quarter – used to fulfill our goals and dreams (open cycles)

May 15, New Moon – It brings us energy that is special to celebrate spiritual rituals since it allows us to open our conscience, it is excellent to cure since it has this strength (we recommend in the dates of new moon to generate twice the energy, carry a quartz or in our wardrobe, green tones or a green quartz.

May 17, Day Manik ‘- Day to receive and thank the ancestors

May 21, Growing Room – It serves to empower and shape our dreams as it potentiates the energy we manifest during this phase

May 29, New Moon – In this phase our intentions grow, this means that everything we ask and start during the beginning of this phase will become reality (to potentiate this date it is recommended to use bright and full colors in our wardrobe of strength such as red = love passion, pink = friendship, harmony, blue = economic abundance, green = health according to what we want to empower) … by Priest X’men Maya Ixchel


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