I am glad that you are getting married and I congratulate you, I believe that the best state of an individual is to live as a couple and travel the path of life together.

I assure you that taking the decision to celebrate a destination wedding, of course in Mexico is the right & best one because, you and your guests will have fun, not only on the big day, maybe you plan it, several days or a whole weekend. week, knowing the culture of the region, its customs, exploring incredible places that you cannot miss.




You have probably already talked with your beloved one or some of the guests and, have seen several impediments to the wedding in the destination that you have decided, which has caused them to change their decision to do it outside of the place where you live, but before you do that, I invite you to review some of the advantages that you must celebrate big in another place.

– You and your guests will enjoy a new destination or, of a preferred one if you have had the opportunity to visit it beforehand.

– You will enjoy a few days of rest surrounded by the most important people for you, before or after the wedding, you decide.




– The party will start before and may take more days. One of the advantages of destination weddings is this, promises fun for both the couple and their guests not only for that special day.

– The activities in Mexico, in all its destinations are unparalleled and incomparable, each area of ​​the country has specialties that will make those days in our country, a true experience in every way, covering the tastes of each one.

– What to say about gastronomy, in Mexico time you will need to try each of our typical delicacies.

– The infrastructure and hotel services found in our country is extensive and with a high sense of professionalism and service.



– The places to celebrate a wedding destination in Mexico will surely satisfy your tastes and needs since you cannot only celebrate on the beach in a large resort but also, you can choose between haciendas, ranches, museums, aquariums, colonial architectural jewels, gardens, cenotes, private island…… countless are the venues where you can celebrate in our country.

– Professionals who will be charged with your celebration by putting the care and attention you are looking for. Mexico is known as the destination of the party so, consider that putting your big day in the hands of a Wedding Planner in Mexico means the total success of the event.

I wish you would enjoy that great day to the fullest of your wedding destination in Mexico …. Romary Events


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