Mexico stands out worldwide for the richness of its cultural heritage. The characteristics of the skill and creativity of its artisans are some of the attractions most appreciated by foreign tourists.

Artisan work requires the knowledge and application of very old techniques. It is a cultural legacy. It fosters creativity and shapes a specific way of conceiving the world. It also strengthens the identity of the creative community.




The artisan wealth of Mexico, its forms, color and textures of each of the representations and pieces, exhibit the creative capacity and sensitivity of Mexican artisans.

La Talavera It is considered one of the most distinguished craft traditions of the country, for its delicate manufacture.


The colors used in its decoration are blue, yellow, black, green, orange and mauve made since the time of Viceregal Mexico.

For brides who want to make a Mexican-themed wedding, including Talavera is one of the most elegant decorations, your guests will love how they will look in every corner of your event, it always gives an air of elegance and distinction.




And so that everything is in a single concept, what better than your wedding dress look so charming and superb as are your tastes so refined.

Sindashi offers you dresses for both the bride and her bridesmaids, dresses inspired by kings worthy craft, from the charismatic blue king Talavera to the avant-garde Talavera in color. Remember that our designs are never repeated so you will be a unique, original and elegant bride … by SINDASHICDMX.

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