Mexican Seafood delights for your Destination Wedding Banquet

Mexican Seafood delights for your Destination Wedding Banquet

Throughout Mexico we have spectacular beaches ready to perform weddings of different styles.

We have from Cancun, Riviera Maya to the south, passing through Huatulco, Ixtapa, Acapulco, Nayarit to Los Cabos to name a few.




We want to give you some important points to consider your beach banquet.

Consider that for the wedding on the beach the schedule to start is at a time of 5 – 6 pm where you will see a spectacular sunset.



Then for your cocktails think of a bar of gin or tequila. With your canapés imagine something fresh like fruit ceviche, tuna toast, carpaccio.

In the first time you can consider a salad or dare to include a gazpacho. It is not common but a cold soup can be enjoyed very much!



And as a main course it can be shrimp medallions, steak in several presentations, grilled seafood barbecue. Of course, it is not all about fish and seafood, but it is a great opportunity to have fresh and local elements with an unparalleled flavor.




You can include a sorbet of different flavors between each time to clean the palate of the previous dish and refresh your guests.

For dessert you can think of an iced cake, a warm chocolate cake with a vanilla ice cream.





And at the time of the party you can consider some frozen popsicles with cocktail flavors, such as Jamaica with mezcal, mojito, grapefruit with sotol.

To finish with the tornafiesta (which is the continuation of the official party) you can think of a pozole (without chile, if you have foreign guests) or a broth of shrimp or fish. Or some unforgettable Al Pastor  tacos, that only in Mexico will you find that flavor.

We hope that with this, besides opening your appetite, you will have more ideas for your menu … Nayeli Blanquel – Wedding Curator

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Photos: Courtesy of Nayeli Blanquel by  Love The Bride Photo Agency and Momentos Wedding Studio
And The Destination Wedding Video?

And The Destination Wedding Video?

We never imagined that taking  the decision to get married would lead us to a totally different and wonderful world.

Hello! we are Mally Ríos and Antonio Bravo, psychologist and engineer by profession, and by conviction, almost 6 years ago we decided to take a 360º turn in our lives, to become a wedding Videographer, and it is the best thing that has happened to us.

We are originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco state, one of the largest and most important cities in Mexico, the birthplace of the Mariachi, Tequila, Charreria and Pottery but, our passion has led us to enjoy other cultures and countries like, England, United Arab Emirates, USA among others, and what do we most passionate about …. THE DESTINATION WEDDING! And, a perfect decision is to choose Mexico, a country full of little romantic corners and, full of history, here,  you can find from big and luxurious resorts, until full of luxury and amenities small boutique hotels, our country offers beaches, deserts, jungles, Magic Towns and even, vineyards, and of course, its extensive gastronomy.

Many people ask us if it is not a very tiring thing, to move from one place to another, the truth is that, although we must recognize that if, we are tired, we love to know more and more places that we never imagined existed, meet wonderful people from different countries and cultures.

Having a destination wedding implies perhaps more work, from organizing that all the people who will accompany you to your big day, hire the ideal suppliers, to transport the dress etc. But believe us, when we say, that it is the best experience you will ever have in your life, your wedding will not only last a few hours, it will last for a whole weekend, maybe more!

Inloop Wedding Cinema, is there, with our services we document in an artistic way all those magical moments, a wedding is precisely the cheapest in this life, let alone a destination wedding, so we must reflect on how much investment we are going to devote the only thing that will remain after months of preparation, because at the end the cake will break, and what are you going to stay? with those memories that your wedding videographers will capture for you.

Enjoy one of  Inloop Wedding Cinema video recorded at Puerto Vallarta and  visit WedinMexico Youtube Channel for more of them.

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Why Hire a Wedding Planner For Your Destination Wedding?

Why Hire a Wedding Planner For Your Destination Wedding?

One of the most important decisions in a person’s life is the possibility of reaching the altar with the loved one. When we decided to take this step, a series of emotions run through our inner and preparations begin to enlist because they want to be a memorable day for them, family and friends.

Mexico has become one of the most popular destinations for couples of foreigners and Mexicans, thanks to the spectacular natural and architectural scenarios offered to domestic and foreign tourism.

If the couple decides to get marry in a destination such as Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Cancun, they must have one or several days of the week to dedicate themselves to review and look for each of the options that Mexico has. We live in a society where couples who decide to get married have many more occupations than 15 years ago. Time is reduced for both and it becomes more complicated if they alone undertake a search of the perfect place along the different Mexican stages.

One of the most viable options in this case is having an expert at your side to tell you where to start the journey to the altar. Nowadays having a Wedding Planner is more than a luxury, it is the companion for the most important Day of your life, it is the hero of the story when there is chaos in the organization of an already initiated wedding, it is your accomplice of ideas, advisor, in short, is an angel down from heaven that carries all your worries about your wedding.





If a Wedding Planner was not part of your plans, after reading everything you are going to save, you will not think the same.

A Wedding Planner, check with you from the idea you have about your wedding to make it come true. His main concern is that you and your partner do not worry about anything but enjoying and having fun on your Big Day. Now, if this hero is an expert in Destination Weddings, rest assured that you will have the best place to do your wedding.

As a main feature, an expert in this field has the vision, experience and tact to make the couple feel very supported in making their decisions, will not leave them alone even for a moment. Such is the degree of attention that the treatment of foreign brides and their guests is as if they were physically in Mexico or at the destination where the wedding will be.

The Wedding Planner Wedding destination expert, will make a preference scheme based on the tastes of the couple as a beach, garden, farm, living room, etc. so that, from there, it offers you options and you can schedule a visit to know the place. You just worry about reviewing your schedule to make the trip, your Wedding Planner will take care of reservations, confirmations of visits, make the itinerary, etc.

Valentina Corro is Wedding Planner Expert in Destiny Weddings, will advise you along with your team, to select the best option to carry out your wedding. Hospitality is one of his strengths, in addition to attending the bride and groom pays special attention to the guests, to make your stay in Mexico to be an unforgettable experience.

We share some tips to have a spectacular Destination Destination Wedding in Mexico:

Consider hiring a Wedding Planner expert in Destination Weddings.

Make a list of all your foreign guests to have a real number of people.

Take into account the wedding destination and ease that all your guests can arrive without any problems.

Check with your wedding planner if the place offers lodging options, rates, available dates, etc. If not, consider an option B (search for the closest hotels to the place and the airport or bus station).

Once you have decided on the place, check what places of interest are nearby to schedule a visit with your guests.

It is suggested to open a web page where guests from any place of origin can have the necessary information for their trip (Church, Wedding reception, schedules, restaurants, hotels, places of interest, etc.)… by Valentina Corro – Wedding Planner.

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Energy Calendar for Mayan Weddings During This Year

Energy Calendar for Mayan Weddings During This Year

Many times, we wonder if there are dates or special days that are more beneficial to hold a Mayan Wedding and that, if there are specific dates where powerful astronomical events that have energy and magical properties give us more energy, as well as elements such as stones and colors in our dress with which we can magnetize them and make our wedding an event full of magic and spiritual energy that gives us abundance, passion and success in our relationship.


Following, we share the calendar of spiritual and energy dates for this year and that the planning of your Mayan Wedding is a success.





March 1 st & 31 st

April 29

May 29

June 27

July 27

August 26

September 24

October 24

November 22

December 22

How to magnetize it:

The Full Moon is an excellent lunar phase to celebrate love ceremonies, since the star potentiates any event where we seek that love and passion prevail, but as it is a phase directed by the woman, she must wear something blue or A blue quartz for this energy to be stronger, can be included within the wedding jewellery.





TIP: if you use a blue quartz do not forget to charge it before use and at the end of your ceremony use it throughout the night so that it is charged with the lunar energy for 7 days in a row, so the force of the full moon will accompany you during your relationship year.


Waning Moon

January 8 – Ideal for project objectives

February 7

March 9

April 8

May 7

June 6

July 6

August 4

September 2

October 2 & 31 st

November 29

December 29

The Waning Moon is related to wisdom and the closure of cycles that allow us to open up to new experiences.

It allows us to leave behind and purify everything we do not need from the past, just as it is excellent for meditating and harmonizing with the people we love.

Because it is a moon that allows to project objectives due to its purifying and astral cleaning force, it is recommended to complement it with light coloured garments such as white or beige so that the cleaning and purification is total and magnetized with white quartz stones, as well as being ideal to be held in archaeological zones or cenotes to intensify its strength.


New Moon

January 16 –  It serves to open roads

February 15

March 17

April 15

May 15

June 13

July 12

August 11

September 9

October 8

November 7

December 7

It is an ideal moon to make an astral cleansing in us, reborn energies, open roads and project relationships or love commitments since the strength of this moon allows us to fulfill all our objectives.

For being a moon where we want to give strength to our love commitments, it is advisable to carry quartz or red stones and red underwear since this phase is very strong and encourages emotions to be on the surface.

Crescent Moon

January 24 –  ideal for create / join

February 23

March 24

April 22

May 21st

June 20

July 19

August 18

September 16

October 16

November 15

December 15

This moon symbolizes the awakening and opening of cycles, it generates a lot of light, so it is ideal to create, improve and potentiate any relationship or commitment of love that we are leading or initiating so it is excellent for the union of a couple since it propitiates a Great positive energy in the relationship bringing good luck.

Because it is a clean moon, the relationship will gather all its strength and will potentiate it by absorbing all the energy of the moon during its phase.

This moon we can use pink quartz and it is recommended to be perfumed with rose water to potentiate the strength of this phase.

Lunar eclipse January 31st – Serves to give advance to something is happening and take new actions

July 27

Eclipse of sun February 15 – Helps to reaffirm and connection

July 12

August 11 st

They are especially magical since everything we perform and wish during these phenomena, receive the vibration of the sun. The eclipse offers us the benefit of receiving favors and opportunities.

To receive all your strength, it is recommended to take your energy giving you the sun during the ceremony.

TIP: Clear clothes. Remember that everything you want during the eclipse will be fulfilled.

Venus´ Conjunction

April 17 Love

June 16

July 15

August 14

December 03



March 20 Love

September 20


June 21st.  –  Love

December 21st.

The equinoxes and solstices have a great unique and unrepeatable energetic power. They are ideal for the opening of consciousness, in these phenomena the frequencies of love are higher and spread around us so they are ideal dates to make a union in archaeological zones such as cenotes where their strength intensifies.

Light color clothing is recommended for these phenomena and previously purified. Venus is the star of love, so holding a celebration related to the union of a couple, gets all the energy of the moon and the planet Venus. TIP: it is advisable to potentiate this day with red underwear and perfumed with rose water.

Venus is the star of love, so holding a celebration related to the union of a couple, gets all the energy of the moon and the planet Venus. TIP: it is advisable to potentiate this day with red underwear and perfumed with rose water.



Now you know all the tips to plan your Mayan Wedding perfectly and live this great experience to the fullest, holding your Boda Maya in Mexico,  filling you with all the energy of these great astronomical phenomena and that your event is all A SUCCESS .. by Priest X’men Maya Ixchel


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USA Bridal Expos, Fairs & Showrooms – 1st. Semester 2018

USA Bridal Expos, Fairs & Showrooms – 1st. Semester 2018

We are always looking to bring you inspiration and, that you also find the best suppliers with the best services in the wedding industry for that, we leave the dates and places where the wedding fairs, expos & showtra will take place in de in USA for the first half of 2018.

Do not  misst to visit them as well as, follow us on our social networks, we will be informing which we will be attending, looking for new partnerships and reinforcing those we have.


Note: The  expos, fairs and showrooms dates & places to be hold depend on the Organizers  
of each one & can be modified at any time.