Bari Concept – Guadalajara

Conceptualisation of social and business high-level events. Rental furniture and the first level.


Company dedicated to providing services decoration, conceptualization and rent of special furniture and art for social and business events.


Fine linens rental for events. Fine linens and dress table (based plates, tablecloths and matching napkins, napkin rings, favours).

Lighting (robotics, architectural, directed, oil lamps, special and conceptual lamps, candles).

Special furniture (tiffany chairs, versailles, chair, armchair, victory ghost).

Lounge (high chairs, bars, high chairs, meeting various models).

Decorations (scrims, income, special wooden tables, glass, acrylic, mirror).




Accessories (cages, lanterns, floral bases, chandeliers, carpets).





Flowers (complete floral decoration for events).



Address: Eulogio Parra # 2714, Providence Co., Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Telephone: +52 33 36420913 +52 33 36420904 +52 33 38325933 +52 33 39442814


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