Mayita Banquetes – Mexico City

Banqueteis Mayita is a family company dedicated to catering with the slogan of “total quality” of care and service to our customers.


For more than 75 years Mayita has served numerous events in Mexico. Thanks to its excellent service and unique taste and quality of its dishes, today still at the forefront of the industry in the country caterer.


The distinguishing feature of Mayita is its high quality cuisine and service as well as its structure and experience, which allows a responsiveness and flexibility to handle any event, giving confidence and assurance to customers.


Its trajectory through time and recognition of your customers give you the confidence to please you in any of your needs.

Events from 10 people are served & adapted to different budgets.


Banquet Mayita provides its services in the venues and space that you yourself have prepared in advance, but is also pleased to suggest a variety of options that you can select depending on the needs of their different social, cultural or business events.


It will always be a pleasure to serve at your home. Adapting the space so that it is an ideal place for celebration.


If you live outside the mexican capital, or its intention hold your event outsite the city, we offer the possibility of taking up where you need a service of the highest quality.



Address: Alfonso Reyes 57, Col. Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico

Phone: +52 5515 7239 / +52 55150283


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