Hugo Alejandro Image Consultant – Guadalajara

We are a team of professionals focused to highlight the beauty of our brides with passion for style and trends.


We have trained staff that allows us to always provide quality service and professionalism.


Conducted under the leadership of Hugo Alejandro, we always are orientated to exceed the expectations of our customers through our values, such as honesty, respect, innovation, responsibility, teamwork and commitment, in addition to the continuing update of our staff with the latest beauty trends.


Always we seek the complete satisfaction of our customers, tailoring our services to your wishes and needs.

Our name is synonymous of fantasy, colour, novelty, originality, quality and glamor.


Hugo Alejandro knowledge have no limit, because every day is renewed and shaping up to continue designing his own ideas to translate them into a real woman.


Address: Pablo Villaseñor 134, Guadalajara, Jalisco

Phone: + 52 33 3615 8822


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