Rosa Pastel by CUQUI – Mexico City

Rosa Pastel by CUQUI is a company that since 2009 is dedicated to organice events, specialized in providing sweet touch.

We handle the candy bars take it to another level giving the unique and personal touch to your event, creating a line of tables that are able to meet all kinds of needs of candy lovers like never seen before.


We have two types of bars:

The first type is the bar “Sugar Charms” that are sweet tables, in which you can find the following options: cocoa bar, milkshake bar, waffle station, pizza station, coffee bar, sweet station and ice cream bar.


The second type is the table “Spice Love” that are salty tables, within which you can find the following options: veggie station, chili station, salad station, salty station, burger station and popcorn station.



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Information & photos: Ccourtesy of Rosa pastel by CUQUI