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The couple is presented to the Spiritual Energies of the Four Cardinal Points. This calls for the protection and blessing of Mother Earth (Ixchel) from the Central Heart of the Galaxy (Hunab Ku) & the Four Elements of the Universe which guides them through the light and unconditional love in a spiritual union.
Surrounded in Copal (pre-Hispanic purification incense) and flower petals of different colors that represent the 4 cosmic directions, the couple is “bathed” with these which symbolize the blessings of each cardinal point. This guides them to the center of their hearts for expressing their vows in front of the sacred fire that represents the spiritual heart of their union.



It is a ritual of love, in wich the energies of the universe are invoked, in order to bless the couple and their path as husband and wife.
The seven directions are evocated (cosmic father, universal mother earth, the four winds and the center of their own hearths, where is the temple of love and the central point of their lifes.
Flowers with the colors of the Mayan tradition are used to play, to armonize, with the four winds of the Mayan tradition; copal, water and musical instruments are also used to attract the divine energies of the universe.
A circle is formed with the guests and the couple is placed in the center, close to the altar, where the energy of the ceremony is concentrated.


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