Arte en Pastel – Cancun, Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya

In arte en Pastel each design is made based on your preferences, whether a modern, conservative, avant-garde or romantic person. Or also by hobby, theme, characters, colors or sports favorite.

Do you have a wedding at the door? We have an ample catalog of beautiful pastels of all type, theme or color. A cake can not be substituted for a dessert.

It is a fundamental part of the traditions of weddings. Traditions are what bind the generations and are a fundamental part of preserving our history.

The moment the bride breaks the cake and her new husband puts his hand over hers, it is an intimate moment that will remain as one of the most memorable in his life; Because in this gesture he demonstrates his promise to accompany and support her in their new life together.

Also remember that after a radiant bride, the cake will be what your guests remember of that dream wedding.

In addition to looking very nice, we offer a delicious variety of flavors for cakes and fillings. All elaborated in a traditional homemade way with fresh materials and of the best quality.



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