Callejoneadas San Miguel de Allende

A San Miguel de Allende Magic Town company that promotes traditions and social events from the immense cultural wealth of our municipality, offering personalized attention to our clients to organize the traditional Callejoneadas, respecting the diversity and multiculturality of our Mexico.



More than 20 years organizing and participating in the streets, your event is celebrated with Mariachi, Band and University Students music and, with the traditional Mojigangas in the beautiful streets of  San Miguel de Allende Magic Town.



Your destination wedding in Mexico will be something that you will enjoy in a very special way, surrounded by the most beautiful Mexican traditions and will remain in the memory of you and your guests with a unique memory.





Facebook: /callejoneadas.desanmigueldeallende

Address: San Francisco No. 62, Centro, San Miguel de Allende

Phones: (415) 15 24566 (477) 272-18-34.



Information & photos: courtesy from Callejoneadas San Miguel de Allende