Celebrate Your Mayan Wedding By Filling Yourself With Energy

Undoubtedly, celebrating your Mayan Wedding in March is one of the most important dates since many couples take advantage of this month to get energized in the great Chichen Itza, enjoying the great astrological phenomenon, but also take advantage of its energy, perfect for your Celebration of your union.


Next, we give you some Wedding Maya tips so that you get the most out of your wedding day.

1) Celebrate your Mayan wedding and a honey moon in a sacred cenote:

It will fill you with energy and, it will be reflected in the prosperity of your marriage ….

Do not forget to enjoy its waters because, considered sacred, it will purify you to start this new cycle leaving everything behind so that the new arrives.



2) Enjoy during your Mayan wedding a fabulous and romantic tour in the capital of the sacred cenotes.

You will be able to know the most important cenotes, fill yourself with energy, purify yourself in its waters and live a romance of adventure.

3) Visit the Cenote of the Goddess Ixchel in the abode of the gods Balmil in Homun.

If you are to marry or your Mayan wedding you will celebrate in March, you cannot miss the visit to the goddess Ixchel in this mystical cenote and is that, many brides visit from all over the world all year round, or marry him since, inside it is the original statue of the Goddess Ixchel who grants the brides who so request, fertility, prosperity and eternal happiness in their marriages.

4) Visit Chichen Itza on your trip. You should not miss the opportunity during your trip the day of your Mayan wedding to go to observe this great astrological phenomenon.



5) And you cannot miss for your Wedding May your trash-the-dress photo shoot that you cannot miss, and it will be refreshing fun and romantic and what better than in a cenote.




Now you can prepare your itinerary, Maya and live to the fullest the experience to make your wedding … The Mayan wedding of your dreams.

Do not forget that the Equinox dates are very important, so we recommend that you set aside the date of your Mayan Wedding with time … by Priest X’men Maya Ixchel.

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