How Does Mexico Look From Abroad? The Hotsport For Your Destination Wedding


Surely there will be many descriptions, all diverse, very attached to the ideology of each person; Topics such as politics, economics, trade and other controversial issues would come out in the talk. But there is one issue that I am sure, everyone sees Mexico in the same way; as one of the most attractive places to live your Wedding.

Because simply the essence of Mexico is beautiful; its culture, its joy, parties, atmosphere, natural settings, hospitality, customs, traditions, gastronomy, its people.

And although it sounds trite, like Mexico there are not two. Every day I get up excited thinking about what we can offer to couple who live abroad and who decide to get married in our country. No matter what fate they choose, everyone is looking for the adjectives previously described to thrill their people and live their great day in a unique way.




Surprising couples living in big cities like Dubai, England, Germany or NY is not an easy task. It involves a double commitment. Not only will the image of the service we are providing take away; They will take the image of an entire country.

Big responsibility; but also, a great opportunity for Mexico to leave a mark in her heart and that image multiplies by breaking down barriers and stereotypes. Because we can offer from a “Mexican Wedding” in Zacatecas, to a “Greenery Wedding” in Riviera Maya or, a “Luxury Wedding” in Mexico City. All will be beautiful and unforgettable.




High standards of service have always characterized us and we do not currently limit ourselves to the organization of the Wedding. There are services of “Hospitality” that take care of even the smallest detail of the stay, we do not separate from the arrival of the bride and groom and their guests to the airport, until taking them for private tours to the best attractions of the destination.




Without a doubt, it is not easy to organize a wedding, let alone a long distance. Half of the weddings that I have the fortune to coordinate, are of couples who live abroad and who decide to make their wedding in Mexico; Every time I prepare a Destination Wedding, my points to take care of are the following:

  1. All the stationery, web, print and anything that communicates something of the Wedding must be in the language that predominates in the couple or even in 2 or 3 languages ​​if necessary. Mexican-Spanish family, French-French family, English-English friends
  2. We do not want to have a cultural fair. So everything in its time and measure, we talk openly about what essence they want to capture and transmit to their guests.





We will not put food stands with flags of the countries, we will not decorate with the colors of these, we will not put folk music, if the concept does not merit it.

  1. Nuptial customs of the place where they live or are. Without a doubt, it’s important if you grew up with her and more, if it’s fun.

Has someone wrapped himself in toilet paper with the background of Robbie Williams’ Angel Song? Well, a group of Germans, friends of the groom waited anxiously for that moment, or see the family sing a children’s song for 40 min taking out posters as a child to tell the story that the song talks about. Mementos like this are unforgettable.




  1. The palate of a foreigner, with a Mexican is very different. So we must be especially careful with what we offer. Not only care for the itch goes much further … is to know the culture in marriage of that couple, from the details in food you may like, to the type of drink, which cultural law must take!

A champagne cart, the special vodka because in Poland is the most taken, the tower of profiteroles in France, even the cutter of the leg of ham serrano should be if they are from Spain.

  1. The times; When you are invited to a wedding, most of the time you are mentalized to stay until dawn. But what happens, if half of the wedding retires 3 hours after he opened the track because they usually sleep very early. Without a doubt, we can not finish the party, but we can present all the main and important moments at the beginning of the event.
  2. The experience does not start on the day of the wedding, it starts at 0 min. We must provide all the information, months in advance. From knowing what the weather will be like, where the recommended hotels are located, how much they cost, the hours of the wedding, until getting a trustworthy makeup artist. The more information the guests have, the more they will enjoy it.
  3. Cake; Impressive Fondant designs, which we designed or inspired in Cake Boss, but which happens when the Bride prefers the cake without flowers to Fondant. What better to be warned with several options that do not include Fake flowers.
  4. Courtship, formations, godparents; It is never the same, there are times when there are no godparents, that the ladies are the most important, they must remain at the front of the ceremony, they give speech and they present themselves at the beginning of the banquet as if they were American players. It is fun!



These details and many more are what make a Destination wedding special. Full of magic, energy, culture, nostalgia, encounters, experiences, stories. He tells us that he is beginning a new story, that unites, that magnifies, that make fall in love, that enriches, that makes love become one, helps us to think that borders and distances are so short that everything is possible simply by wishing … Valentina Corro Event & Wedding Planner.   Click here to chck out about their services.