Traditions, Joy and Color in the Oaxacan Wedding

If you are determined to hold a Mexican destination themed wedding, you must think that the range of a typical Mexican wedding is very wide, because there are different traditions like corners in the country, we know that when listening to Mexico we always relate: Mariachi, sombrero, serape, huarache, jars, braids, and an infinity of clichés that define us abroad.

However, all that is only a small part of the many traditions that we have when making a wedding. On this occasion we will touch on the theme of the traditions that are handled in an Oaxacan Wedding.



In a Oaxacan wedding, the marriageable women dance in the street the “Ball of the Flower of Pineapple” with music of the band and you talk around them while they cross the streets while they dance by the streets with a pineapple in the shoulders, this with the purpose that the town is warned that an event is about to happen.

When a local look at the street to see what happens, the band rumbles and the tales thunder while the first thing they see their eyes are 2 giant puppets dressed as bride and groom of 3 meters high dancing down the street, next to them A huge balloon floats with the names of the couple written in large.




During the procession of the wedding, the rest of the Oaxacan women are traditionally dressed in baskets of flowers on their heads following closely the puppets. Meanwhile, a guest carries a live turkey that takes him dancing with him while the street procession happens, such an animal is a gift from the couple in gratitude to the sponsors for all the support given for their event.

Oaxacan weddings also have a very “Greek” peculiarity, both men and women dance with clay jícaras that then throw them to the ground near the feet of the couple, after making a wish and having them put a ticket in the groom’s clothes as a gift for your honeymoon.

In Oaxacan weddings a marriage cannot be celebrated if the mole and mezcal are not present, the typical dish of the region is necessarily used at weddings. Is that why in the region if someone says the expression “When are we going to eat mole?” They mean, for when is the wedding, not to mention, that village weddings in distant communities can last for days their celebration.

We have garments that depict the flowers of the Isthmus, Oaxacan typical flowers, so now you know, if you want to incorporate some of these traditions in your wedding to make it different, do not forget that your dress shows your guests, the wealth and beauty of our traditions … SindashiCDMX

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