Your Wedding Inspired by the True Mexican Day of the Dead Traditions!

It is well known that Mexico has a special relationship with her vision of death, of living it and even of celebrating it.

And it could not be otherwise, more than full of joy, color, music and taste. All those things that characterize this country.



If, you are a year from getting married, (because it is the sufficient enough recommended time to prepare the best day of your lives), and if, you love this holiday, wanting your wedding to include this theme, do it!

For most it seems like an extravagant idea. Relax! You can do it in a way that looks like no other.

You can include some elements to make it as subtle or dramatic as you want. Within the same style and keeping the essence of wedding.



Choose a color palette:

If it is during the day, the colourful combination of light blue, yellows, oranges and black.

If it is night you can find a fuchsia, purple, gold, black.



You can add details such as:

An assignment of tables with sugar skulls.



Flare lights to greet the bride and groom.



Include a “dead bread” after party, offering the traditional bread and mexican coffee bar & chocolate.



And, some very Mexican souvenirs like a personalized tequila or mezcal bottles.

We hope this inspires your creativity…… Nayeli Blanquel – Wedding Curator

Photos courtesy: Afonso Flores, Nayeli Blanquel

Photos source:,,, theknot,
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