DRAS, Flowers and Events – Mexico City

DRAS, Flowers and Events – Mexico City

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DRAS integrates all your ideas into each required element to create unforgettable moments.

DRAS complete services with designing arrangements for special occasions either with natural flowers or rehydrated.



DRAS developed decorative concepts for all kinds of events, especially weddings.

Providing comprehensive and personalized design on the needs of each client way.dras4

Natural flowers after a dehydration process last for years provided an elegant way of decorating any space.




The styles are designed to taste and needs of each client.

DRAS specializes in European and English-style bouquets and compact arrangements. Also offering more elaborate designs, plants and novelties such as fruit baskets, aromatic herbs, sweets, spa and / or candied.



Website: http://www.drasbodas.com/

Phone: +52 55 52519789 or +52 55 9199 0902.  Personalized  attention previous appointment.

Email: alesouto@drasbodas.com

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