LIMO MEXICO- Mexico City

LIMO MEXICO- Mexico City

Because a big event like your wedding deserves a big car, a Limo!


Limo de Mexico are leaders in the industry and have years of experience serving with comfort and prompt delivery to customers.


The best service, the best deal and the most beautiful limos at your service on this special day!


They offer on that special day the ideal transport in several models to choose from.

Guarantee a service that will have a pleasant memory and in addition, punctuality, safety and reliability.




Limousine, to travel with elegance, style, fun and comfortable! limocdmx5

Among their flotilla you can choose from a F650 (BEBE), Hummer H2-Dual Axis White, Hummer H2-White with pink interior, Hummer H2 White/interiors beige, Hummer H2 Pink Dual Axis, Hummer H2 Grape, Hummer H2 Red, White Escalade Triple Axis dual Axis Navigator White, Cartier White, Black Cartier, Mercedes Benz, Lincoln Mark LT.



Phone: Office (55) 57720171, Mobil: 044 55 42429822 Nextel: 44393087 ID * 52 * 15 * 516

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