Los Cabos Minister

Los Cabos Minister

Los Cabos Minister Services is the result of years of experience in ceremonies plus the addiction of special friends and now colleagues into this wonderful blessed world of weddings with hundreds of couples promising to love each other forever!


Philosophy: LOVE is an universal force that can’t be held or contained…… It’s the maximum expression for a human been to feel alive, happy and complete.

They tell you that the only perfect ceremony is that one where you and your couple are enjoying your wedding smiling and happy all the time!

Provides different options to choose the right ceremony that will make you feel relaxed and identified.



Which kind of ceremony are you searching for? Contact Los Cabos Minister and they will help to identify that special ceremony for you.

Do you want a different and unique Ceremony?

Would you like to go beyond normal?… Los Cabos Minister Services together with Bahia Hotel & Nautilius Divetch offer the exclusive UNDERWATER WEDDINGS in Cabo! You’ll be surprised how easy is to live a wedding lie this…!

Getting married in Mexico is a very simple process celebrating a non- denominational ceremony with family and friends en Los Cabos, BCS.


Website: http://www.loscabosminister.com/

Phone: +52 624 355 3135

Email: loscabosminister@gmail,com

Information & photos source: http://www.loscabosminister.com/ & www.bahiacabo.mx