Callejoneadas San Miguel de Allende

Callejoneadas San Miguel de Allende

A San Miguel de Allende Magic Town company that promotes traditions and social events from the immense cultural wealth of our municipality, offering personalized attention to our clients to organize the traditional Callejoneadas, respecting the diversity and multiculturality of our Mexico.



More than 20 years organizing and participating in the streets, your event is celebrated with Mariachi, Band and University Students music and, with the traditional Mojigangas in the beautiful streets of  San Miguel de Allende Magic Town.



Your destination wedding in Mexico will be something that you will enjoy in a very special way, surrounded by the most beautiful Mexican traditions and will remain in the memory of you and your guests with a unique memory.





Facebook: /callejoneadas.desanmigueldeallende

Address: San Francisco No. 62, Centro, San Miguel de Allende

Phones: (415) 15 24566 (477) 272-18-34.



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WedinTequila – Planning a Destination Wedding with Tequila Flavor

WedinTequila – Planning a Destination Wedding with Tequila Flavor

Looking for a unique and unforgettable experience to get married in Mexico? Travel to the heart of Tequila.

Since 1873 Xasa Sauza has been the soul of Tequila and to this day, the tequilas of this world-renowned brand continue to be elaborated and packaged in origin in the Magical Town of Tequila, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico and, are exported to More than 73 countries in the world having presence in the five continents.

In life there are moments that are forever and your wedding at Quinta Sauza should be one of them. The Home that gave meaning to Tequila.



Located in the magical town of Tequila in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, surrounded by all the colonial charm, cobblestone streets, traditional temple and aromas of cooked mezcal make up the magic of this place.

In a construction that dates back to 1836 and retains its unique and original architectural style of the colonial era, surrounded by majestic gardens and quarry fountains, which makes it the perect setting to unite your life to that of your loved one.



Quinta Sauza offers for your destination wedding, open and semi-open spaces, closed rooms, catering services and beverages, as well as preferential lodging rates in the magical town of Tequila and the city of Guadalajara.



And the unique experience that you can enjoy in addition to your wedding destination is to know the surroundings of this magical place, hiring aguno of the various tours offered by Quinta Sauza in addition to a called Flying Experience that will literally take you flying appreciating the landscape of Plantations of agave on the heights, named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, as well as beautiful natural and tourist scenarios of the area.


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Isla Passion Weddings –  Cozumel

Isla Passion Weddings – Cozumel

Isla Pasión offers a great variety of amenities to produce an unforgettable event. Our wedding planning team will help you select the best options for you and your guests.

Decor: Isla Pasion offers you a wide catalogue of decor ideas to design and personalize the wedding of your dreams.

Cuisine: The island’s experienced cooks and chefs will design an exquisite, unforgettable banquet for your wedding. You can choose from our large variety of typical, local dishes or request a completely personalized menu.

Mayan Show: Characterized dancers create a mystic atmosphere that takes you back in the time to witness the greatness and beauty of the Mayan Culture.

Fire Show: Amaze your guests with a fascinating mayan spectacle that combines fire performers, music and dance.

Fireworks: An explosion of colors sparking in the sky. The best spectacle to give your wedding a magical touch.

Music: From music bands and DJ’s, to Marimba and Mariachi, Isla Pasión offers you complete versatility to brighten up your wedding celebration.

After Party: Because nights in Isla Pasión are young and beautiful, enjoy 3 more hours of celebration, open bar, service and an extra dish.



Bridal Hut: Enjoy the privacy of the island in a two-story, intimate cabin, surrounded by palm trees, Australian evergreens and 1 mile of Caribbean beach . The ideal place for an unforgettable wedding night.

Guest Cabin: A beautiful and comfortable cabin for the guests to stay during the wedding night. With 6 rooms and capacity for 14 people, the closest family members and friends will be able to enjoy the complete celebration, without missing any of it.




Phone:   Cozumel +52 (987) 872 6941, CDMX.: +52 (55) 5697 4328


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Weddings By Lomas  Travel – Cancun & Riviera Maya

Weddings By Lomas Travel – Cancun & Riviera Maya

Imagine saying “I accept” while feeling the gentle breeze of the sea during the sunset. You and couple starting a new chapter, together, on the Mexican Caribbean coast. Let us make the wedding of your dreams a reality with the different options of resorts, locations and wedding packages that we put at your disposal. Live with us a moment that you will never forget.

The ceremony of your wedding can be done by the officiant of your choice, whether a Minister, a Catholic Father, a Judge, etc. Please contact us if you have a special request.

Dolphins at your wedding! Select the package that is most convenient for you.



Address: Av. de los Colegios Manzana 16 Lote 37 No.37, Supermanzana 309
Cancun 77533

Contact: by Chat or for form in the website.

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Italian Gelato Corsi – Cancun, Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya

Italian Gelato Corsi – Cancun, Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya

It is a brand recognized for being a 100% Italian ice cream shop, from the way the products are made, as well as the typical Italian flavors and the way they are served with a spatula.
We want to transport all our customers to Italy through the sense of taste, and when they taste a Corsi ice cream they feel as if they are in a typical Italian ice cream parlor.

Corsi is more than a lifestyle, it is an experience of life, through the senses.
We care about offering a 100% natural product and we select the best raw material, from milk, water, fruits and organic eggs.

Ice cream, ice cream desserts, sorbets and organic pallets.



Address: Av. Tulum #192 L-33A SM. 4 MZ. 17. Cancún Q.Roo

Phone: 998 802 1536


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